Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What About Him? What About Raven?

Scott Levy has been wrestling professionally since 1988, winning a load of titles along the way.  He has worked as a wrestling producer, wrestling writer, booker and more over the years.
Levy is best known by the name Raven, although he has used other names.  It is the Raven character which really launched him into stardom.  He has wrestled everywhere in every type of match (some of which he invented).  He is an innovator and possesses one of the most creative minds in wrestling.  He is the type of guy that wrestling needs.
For their debut event, Resistance Pro Wrestling invited Raven.  He didn't wrestle on the card, but he received a huge ovation when announced.  He was also one of the most popular guests at the after party.
I have met Levy several times before and it is always cool.  Raven is an unsung hero in the history of wrestling.  I think his legacy will grow as the years pass and fans realize just how much he gave to the business.
Bringing in Raven for their debut event was a great movie by Resistance Pro.  Their next event is this Friday, 1/13.  It will be hard to top their Black Friday debut, but I know they plan on making it bigger and better.  Check back here for the full report.
Raven and me in Chicago, IL-December 2011.

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