Monday, February 13, 2012

Friendly Encounters:Dodgerbobble Meets Dee Gordon

This is a weekly series about friends who have met celebs.

Josh Kohl is a frequent contributor to Friendly Encounters. Josh is the creative juggernaut behind Dodgerbobble, a site dedicated to "the Los Angeles Dodgers, bobbleheads and baseball". Josh also attends many player appearances. Fortunately, he shares those stories here!
Last summer, Josh met Dee Gordon, a rising star of the Dodgers. Gordon is also a second generation player (you know how I love those). I also especially like Gordon because he is on my fantasy team and I am hoping for an excellent season from him.
The Gordon appearance was an interesting tale, which included free pizza! You can read all about Josh meeting Dee Gordon here.
Josh does a great job with Dodgerbobble. I hope you check it out and see for yourself.
Dee Gordon and Josh Kohl in Anaheim, CA-Summer 2011.

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