Sunday, February 12, 2012

Happy Birthday JayHawk Evans

He is most commonly known as Jason Fleigel, but most of his inner circle know him as JayHawk Evans, an American legend since 1998.  How he gained legendary status is a bit murky, but make no mistake, a legend he is.
I first met Jason at Lerner Newspapers.  He was hired as a part-time telemarketer, but quickly established himself as a valuable asset to our IT Department (actually, he pretty much was our IT Dept.).  He also quickly became a vital part of our audit crew (he might argue that he was the audit crew).
I like to say that I recognized this diamond in the rough and molded him into the gem he became.  In truth, I'd be proud if that is even 5% true.  I'm also proud to call him a friend.
I snagged this video of Jason's vocal stylings while on a trip to San Francisco.  Anyone want to play "Name That Tune"?  I have no idea what song Jason is trying to accompany, but it was all fun.
Hopefully, Jason will be celebrating even more today.  Go ahead JayHawk, you deserve it!  Enjoy your day, my friend.

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