Monday, February 27, 2012

Friendly Encounters:Tommy Else Meets Billy Corgan and Harry Smith

This is a regular feature about my friends who have met celebrities.

I first encountered Resistance Pro Wrestling last year at Wizard World.  Since then, I have been featuring R-Pro regularly here and have enjoyed their live wrestling shows at Excalibur.  During the course of my learning all about R-Pro, I came across Tommy Else aka T3.
Tommy is a Chicago area guy and also a fan of R-Pro.  Actually, he is more than a fan.  He is trying to become part of R-Pro.
Tommy has his own site, The T3 Universe.  You can read about his audition for R-Pro here.  It is a great story, full of passion and real emotion.  Making his experience even better was meeting Billy Corgan, one of his favorites.
The story doesn't end there though.  Tommy started a campaign to get into the R-Pro organization.  You can read about that campaign here and here and here.  Tommy manages to show the passion, emotion and humor of a wrestling vet.  I have seen a lot of wrestlers and Tommy could easily make a name for himself with the right breaks.
Tommy made his Resistance debut recently for the Vicious Circle event.  He is aligned with D'Arcy Dixon as part of Team D'Arcy.  I am really hoping to talk to both of these Resistance stars at Obsession on March 23.
I really appreciate Tommy sharing all of this here.  I think he has a great future and I am looking forward to watching his career develop.
Harry Smith, Tommy Else and Billy Corgan in Chicago, IL-January 2012.

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