Saturday, March 31, 2012

Celeb Jersey Cards #99 Justin Bieber & Eminem

This is a regular feature which attempts to combine my passion for trading cards with my interest in celebrities.  Once more, I am featuring two NFL teams who, like the Bears, will not be in the playoffs this year.

Justin Bieber is one of the youngest, hottest performers.  He burst onto the music scene a few years ago and gained success quickly.  Although he is a native of Canada, Bieber joined the lA scene by donning a Kobe Bryant Lakers jersey.  He thus becomes one of the youngest ever on a Celebrity Jersey Card.

Marshall Mathers III was born in Missouri, but relocated to Detroit in his teen years.  After the move, Mathers became Eminem, one of Detroit's most well-known rappers.  Since then, he has added, singer, songwriter, producer and actor to his resume.  He has also added Celebrity Jersey Cards to his list of accomplishments (better than a Grammy), when he showed his Motown pride in a Rasheed Wallace Pistons jersey.


John Bateman said...

You did it - One of my favorite designs of all time is the 2008 Topps but the placement of the Topps logo was the only problem - You seemed to have solved the problem and gave more room for the photo

Johngy said...

Thanks. I wasn't thrilled with the name font, but it was close enough so I went with it.