Friday, March 30, 2012

An Evening of Serenity

I first met Serenity when we interviewed her after the first Resistance Pro Wrestling event in December 2011.  She had a grueling match earlier in the evening and it was dark and loud as we talked, but Serenity was so full of energy and life.  We really appreciated her time and we became instant fans.
Although she just turned 21, Serenity wrestles like a ring veteran.  Outside the ring, she exudes youthful energy, while also appearing to possess a maturity not often seen at her age.  Serenity has a bright future and am happy to be covering her as her career starts to blossom.
Last Friday, we had the pleasure of watching her defeat Taylor Made in an exciting battle.  The match was well-paced, showcasing both wrestlers' athleticism and technique.  Serenity really shined though.
We talked to Serenity again before the match.  That interview will be here in the near future.  For now, we hope you enjoyed the action shots, as well as a video of Serenity's entrance.
Please be sure to check out Serenity's Facebook page for more great pictures and all of her updates and follow ScreamnSerenity on twitter.  Also, head over to to learn more about Serenity and the rest of the talented crew at R Pro!

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