Sunday, March 4, 2012

Celebrity Jersey Cards #95 Alice Cooper & Thorsten Kaye

This is a regular series which attempts to combine my love of trading cards with my interest in celebrities.  Find a celeb in a jersey.  Make a Topps rookie card for that celeb.  It's just that easy (or just that silly).  Since I am in Detroit to see the Hawks and Red Wings, I am going with a Detroit theme today.

Vincent Furnier was born in Detroit in 1948.  His musical career started in 1964 and in 1968, Alice Cooper was born.  Cooper has remained true to his Detroit roots, but also has been known to don the hometown jersey in concerts.  Thank you for the Celebrity Jersey Card, Mr. Cooper, but "No More Mr. Nice Guy" today...the Hawks are after your Red Wings.

Born in Frankfurt, Germany, Thorsten Kaye came to the U.S. on a track scholarship.  He has appeared in several movies, along with long-time roles on tv's All My Children and One Life to Live (where he met wife Susan Haskell).  Thorsten blogged for the Red Wings a few years ago and wore his Wings sweater in the photo with the Cup.  I can't tell for certain, but I am pretty sure Haskell was not wearing a Wings jersey.  Too bad, as that would have made a couple Celebrity Jersey Card (or would that be Celebrity Jersey Couple Card?).  Either way, sorry to both, because much like their tv dramas, the Red Wings will be cancelled today!

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