Monday, March 5, 2012

Friendly Encounters:Dana Meets Al Pacino

This is a regular feature highlighting my friends who have met celebs.  In today's spotlight is my newest friend, Dana.

Dana runs, a site for celebrity encounters of all types.  It is sort of what Johngy's Beat wants to be when it grows up.  Seriously, this site is awesome.
When I first saw it, I figured it was just another site like mine.  Under the title, it states that it is "the #1 source for celebrity, wrestling and sports encounters".  That's a big claim, but after spending about 3 hours on the site that first time, I believe the claim to be true!  I have since spent many more hours exploring the many parts of the site. has everything related to celebrity encounters.  It has fan reports and pictures featuring celebrities from sports, music, television, movies, authors, wrestling...did I leave out anything?  It also has forums for people to discuss every aspect of meeting celebs.  It has listings of celebrity appearances everywhere.
There is also an "Entertainment Hub" and a "Wrestling Hub'  These are full of news from the respective category.  The Entertainment Hub also has reviews and trailers.
All of this is great and as a bonus, advertising is kept to a minimum and is very unobtrusive.  You don't get continual pop-up ads.
I really appreciate Dana sharing the picture below.  I feature many celebs here, but Al Pacino is a Hall of Famer no doubt.  I guess that is fitting, because Dana runs a Hall of Fame site in  I highly encourage everyone to check out and the Facebook page, too.
Al Pacino and Dana in New York, NY-July 2010.

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