Monday, March 12, 2012

Friendly Encounters:Fran Meets Richard Chamberlain

This is a weekly series about fiends who have met celebs.

I have known Fran Gallagher for about 27 years.  Fran is the Publisher of Global Traveler magazine, the best business travel publication!  More importantly, Fran is a great friend.
Fran and Global Traveler are celebrating eight full years of producing the best travel magazine in the business.  Congrats to Fran and everyone else at GT (including me, I guess).
Over the years, Fran has hosted many company events which have had celebrity guests of honor. One year, the celebrity was actor Richard Chamberlain.  Fran recalls the day...
"It was about zero degrees the day of this event and we were expecting a low turn out, but everybody wanted to meet Richard. Nice guy and great in My Fair Lady on Broadway!"
I love this picture.  It is vintage Fran, in mid-laugh (and fortunately it wasn't at my expense!).
Fran Gallagher and Richard Chamberlain in New York, NY-Mid 1990's.

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