Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Lee Arenberg is No Phoney

Lee Arenberg has had a lengthy and successful acting career.  His role on Seinfeld is enough on its own to secure him a fan following, especially at celebrity conventions.  Of course, that could probably also be said of his role in the Pirates of the Caribbean series.
In the world of celebrity conventions, landing a role in a big franchise, like either of those, is a golden ticket.  You are always in demand for collectors of that franchise, as well as other fans from your other work.
Despite that notoriety, Arenberg is very down-to-earth.  If anything, he is too humble.  He spoke of his place in life, as opposed to teachers etc.  He talked about fame and giving back.
On Seinfeld, Arenberg played Mike in two episodes.  On one, Mike was an inept bookie.  On the other, Mike and George fight for a parking spot and Mike and Jerry fight over being a phoney.
He was so cool and talkative, that we asked him to do a promo for Johngy's Beat.  He agreed and that promo is permanently secured in the right column of this site.
It was a real pleasure talking to Arenberg.  I hope to see him again at a con in the future.
Lee Arenberg and me in Novi, MI-May 2011.

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