Monday, March 26, 2012

Friendly Encounters:Ritchie Belleque and Milena Matic

This is a regular series about friends who have met celebrities.  Today is a bit of an irregular Friendly Encounters, but it's my blog and my rules.

I first became acquainted with Ritchie Belleque through my childhood friend and future world-famous artist Milena Matic (of MoJi Expressions).  I quickly learned that Ritchie is an awesome (soon also to be world-famous) photographer.  At this point those who know me are impressed that I know such talented artsy people.
On Ritchie's website (Ritchie Belleque Photography), he opens by saying he is supposed to write about himself, but since that would be boring, he invites all to check out his photographs.  In a world of complete self-promotion, I think this is a unique approach.  It is also smart, as his photographs really are the stars.
I will take a page from Ritchie's book and display a few right here and now...
Heavenly Steps by Ritchie Belleque Photography.
Going Up by Ritchie Belleque Photography.
Green House Effect by Ritchie Belleque Photography.
Me by Ritchie Belleque Photography.
Along with Milena's paintings, these photographs are some of the most beautiful pictures I have ever had the pleasure of displaying.  His site has many more similarly wonderful photographs, all which can be purchased.  Obviously, Ritchie has quite an eye for beauty, but he also can be commissioned if you have a particular interest.
To learn more about Ritchie and his fabulous photographs, check out Ritchie Belleque Photography.
Ritchie Belleque, Milena Matic and Tony Sheehan in the Pacific Northwest.

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