Thursday, April 5, 2012

Baseball is Back

On our annual baseball trip to Houston a couple years ago, we had one of our most successful days getting interviews from the players and coaches.  Matt got on the board logging in three (Michael Bourn, Jeff Francoeur and Mike Hessman).  I added to the list with a bunch more.  All of those interviews can be found here.  We also had a memorable encounter with Mets coach Razor Shines.
While waiting for interview opportunities, we basically hang on the field and watch batting practice.  It allows us some interesting photo opportunities, like the one below.  Coach Jamie Quirk is talking with infielder Jason Michaels and coach Jeff Bagwell.  All three have been interviewed by us at some point.  In the background, batting in the cage, is Brett Wallace.
I also like how the stands are completely empty.  This is about 3 hours before game time.  Even the most rabid fans haven't arrived yet.  I always think being in an empty stadium like this is really cool.  Of course, talking to the various major leaguers is also pretty cool, but one of the best parts is having Matt there with me.
I am looking forward to some more great moments on the field and in the stands (and hopefully in the clubhouse, too).  As those moments occur, I will be posting them right here.
Jamie Quirk, Jason Michaels and Jeff Bagwell in Houston, TX-August 2010.


night owl said...

I also think being in a (practically) empty stadium is cool.

(I was once in a completely empty stadium while wearing a mascot's head. Maybe someday I'll tell that story).

Like the new layout!

Johngy said...

Oh come on. You have to give us a little more info. That is a great story potential!