Friday, April 6, 2012

On the Beat with Sheri Shaw

For me, some of the fun parts of any sport or organization, are those not usually center stage.  One such example is Sheri Shaw, Musical Director for Resistance Pro Wrestling.  However at Obsession, Sheri was unexpectedly on center stage and she shone in that spotlight.
As the Musical Director, Sheri is responsible for all of the music played, including the entrance music for each wrestler.  Her choices set the mood and help keep the fun going all night long.
At Obsession, we got a chance to talk with Sheri before the show.  She explained how she got involved with R Pro, her work with entrance themes and other fun stuff.
After the interview, Sheri gave us a scoop!  She was going to be pressed into service as the ring announcer (filling in for a sick Chet Coppock).  It was a different role for Sheri, but we knew that she would do great...and she did.
During the show, Sheri stepped into the ring and grabbed the attention of the crowd with just the right amount of excitement in her voice as she announced the various wrestlers.  She was professional and energetic.  The crowd, especially the Johngy's Beat crew, was really behind Sheri!
Congrats to Sheri on a job (well actually two) well done!
Sheri and her sstaria partner Brian Judy both work very hard on their music and the wrestling themes.  According to her boss Billy Corgan, "Never underestimate the clout of Sheri Shaw".  Johngy's Beat certainly doesn't doubt her.  We are big fans!
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