Thursday, April 12, 2012

Celeb Jersey Cards #100 Devin Hester & Patrick Kane

This is a regular series which combines my passion for trading cards with my interest in celebrities.  Let's celebrate Opening Day, because it might be a long season in Chicago and we might not be celebrating much.

Devin Hester has given Chicago fans a lot of reasons to cheer. His 17 punt and kick returns for touchdowns are an NFL record and he is just hitting his prime.  Oh I would love to have his speed on the North side of Chicago.  I wouldn't mind seeing him in the outfield, although I will have to settle for seeing him on his first Celebrity Jersey Card.

Another young Chicago star hitting his prime is Patrick Kane and he already has his name on the Stanley Cup.  I am hoping he will add his name to the Cup several more times in his career (including this season).  Could he be the answer to the Sox woes in the outfield?  Right Wing...Right Field...what is the real difference?  Seriously, at least I hope some of his Stanley Cup and Olympic magic might have rubbed off on the Sox, while also earning him a Celebrity Jersey Card.


Hackenbush said...

How about a race around the diamond between Hester and Tony Campana?

Johngy said...

That would be fun to watch.

jaberdx said...

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Johngy said...

Jaberdx-Thanks. If you ever want to join the fun...if you have any pictures with ANY celeb, send it along with a few thoughts on meeting that celeb and I will run it with info on your site.
Email for more details if interested/