Friday, April 13, 2012

On the Beat with Melanie Cruise and Nikki St. John

When we last talked to Melanie Cruise, she was the newly crowned women's champ at Resistance Pro Wrestling.  Melanie and her associate Nikki St. John talked about Resistance and about the Animal House Shelter (in Huntley, IL).
We appreciated their time and we also support organizations such as the Animal House Shelter.  Who would have thought these two women, so ruthless in the ring, would have such soft spots for our animal friends (or for Johngy's Beat for that matter).  Since they do, we are glad to give them and the Animal House Shelter a little more exposure.
At Obsession, R Pro's March event, we caught up with this dynamic duo before the show.  They gave us a little update on themselves, along with more info on the Animal House Shelter.  They also showed off their new tshirt, which benefits the Animal House Shelter.
The best line of the night came from Nikki, who stated, "The puppy is not trying to steal her belt."  This was classic.  Bobby Heenan would have been proud.
Melanie and Nikki (and Taylor Made) are quite a force in the women's division of R Pro.  There are plenty of solid challengers, but Cruise shows no signs of slowing down and giving up her title.
After you watch the interview, to learn more about these ladies and to get updates, check out Melanie Cruise on Facebook, Nikki St. John on Facebook, and follow Melanie on twitter and Nikki on twitter.  You can also go to for more info on them and the rest of the organization.
Lastly, please check out to learn about the no kill shelter.  They do wonderful work.  The animals (and Melanie and Nikki) would really appreciate it..

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