Saturday, April 28, 2012

Celeb Jersey Cards #102 Taylor Swift & Carrie Underwood

This is a regular feature which combines my passion for trading cards with my interest in celebrities.  Hockey sweater-wearing, country-singing women sounds like a good theme for today.

Country signer Taylor Swift was born and raised in Pennsylvania.  She often wears pro jerseys while performing in concert, but she also has been known to attend sports events as well.  She's not just a jersey wearing crowd pleaser!  She was spotted at a Los Angeles Kings game sporting the hometeam sweater.  Too bad she wasn't wearing the old school Kings yellow and blue.  Either way, it is certainly enough to land her on a Celebrity Jersey Card.

Like her country singing Celebrity Jersey Card mate, Carrie Underwood has also been known to don the local team's jersey while performing in concert.  She also has been known to attend games.  A native of Oklahoma, Underwood obviously also has ties to Nashville and the Predators.  I really should have listed her as a Defenseman.  If anyone doesn't think she would make a good enforcer, you need to check out "Before He Cheats".  Don't mess with Carrie!

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Collective Troll said...

awesome as always johngy!!! Taylor has to be the cutest right winger i have ever seen!