Friday, April 27, 2012

On the Beat with Lisa Marie Varon at C2E2

Lisa Marie Varon is a favorite of the gang at Johngy's Beat.  We have met her several times and she is always great!  Whether we are interviewing her or just goofing around, she is always so sweet.
Of course, in the wrestling ring, she can be ruthless, but this is what makes her one of the greatest female wrestlers of all time.  I think she is very underrated and very underutilized (do you hear me TNA?).  She has won multiple titles in both the wrestling world and in fitness competitions.
There is much more to Ms. Varon than just wrestling or fitness.  She is also opening a restaurant, enjoying her life in Chicago and about to welcome her niece into her home.  You can hear all about that and get a scoop on her tattoo by watching the interview below from C2E2..
If Johngy's Beat had a Hall of Fame (and maybe we will some day), Lisa Marie Varon would be in it.  She is a star in the ring and an even bigger one outside the squared circle.
After you watch the video, check out and Lisa Marie Varon's Facebook page to learn more about her and be sure to follow her on twitter.

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Angie and Nick said...

She is the coolest.