Monday, April 30, 2012

Friendly Encounters:Matt Meets Darth Vader

This is a weekly series about my friends who have met celebrities.  Today's piece really should have been entitled "Matt Meets Beer-Bellied Darth Vader".

As written before, Las Vegas is a great place to meet people dressed as various celebrities.  I have seen costumes ranging from bad to great.  The Darth Vader that Matt and I saw was somewhere in between, but good for several laughs.
He wasn't too imposing, standing about 5'9", but I suppose he can't help his height (although he might have chosen a different Star Wars character if he was concerned with accuracy).  Even more startling was a pronounced beer-belly.  This Darth Vader had a big gut.  It was very unsettling at the time.
I am not attacking his weight problem.  I don't have a 6 pack either.  We just found it pretty funny seeing a Darth Vader who looked like he just came from the corner bar.
Light sabre or not, I am quite sure Matt would have manhandled this wanna-be.  Maybe Darth should have had one of those slimmers you see on late night tv.
Darth Vader and Matt in Las Vegas, NV-March 2011.

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