Tuesday, May 1, 2012

On the Beat with Jim Martin at C2E2

I really enjoy meeting and interviewing interesting people and celebrities.  I appreciate every one of them for their time and consideration in talking to us.  A select few are very special to me, however and Jim Martin is one of those.
Martin's name and face might not be as recognizable as some celebrities, but he is an icon, especially in children's television history.  I certainly have enjoyed his work for as long as I can remember.
Martin has worked on Sesame Street, Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood, Captain Kangaroo, DJ Kat Show, the Great Space Coaster and many more shows that we watched growing up.  While in college at DePaul, I remember watching DJ Kat in the student lounge.  These shows aren't just for kids!
When I saw Jim would be at C2E2, I immediately attempted to contact him for an interview.  I figured it was a long shot, as he certainly would be too busy.  Ironically, he did answer me, but the email somehow got lost and I did not know.
At C2E2, I saw the huge lines for Jim and David Newell (more on him in the near future) and figured the interview would be impossible.  How wrong I was!
I arrived early with the rest of the press and walked by his booth.  I was shocked when he basically called me over and asked about the interview.  How incredibly nice.  Of course, I jumped at the chance to interview him.
Jim was appearing at C2E2 to promote the Toonseum in Pittsburgh (PA).  The Toonseum is Pittsburgh's Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art.  It sounds like an absolute blast!
In the interview below, Jim talks about his career, the Toonseum, the rights to the Great Space Coaster (there is good gnus here), "Tanslin" and much more.  He gave us far more of his time and thoughts than we could have imagined and we are so grateful.
After you watch the interview below, please check out JimMartinProductions.com and TanslinMedia.com to learn about Jim, his current projects and the Great Space Coaster project.  Also, please go to indiegogo.com/TGSC to learn how you can help the Great Space Coaster restoration project.  Finally, check out Toonseum.org to learn more about Pittsburgh's Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art.
I really appreciate Jim talking to us and his interest in keeping in touch.  I also appreciate all he has contributed to the entertainment world.

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Emmy said...

Great interview. I loved Gary Gnu!