Monday, April 9, 2012

Friendly Encounters:Scott Beatty Meets Rich Nye

This is a regular series about friends who have met celebs.

Doing the write-up for Friendly Encounters is usually easy.  Unfortunately, sometimes I have to run Friendly Encounters featuring Scott Beatty.  I really don't want to say nice stuff about Scott.
Oh wait.  Scott runs AU Sports.  I can say nice things about AU Sports.  After all, it is the greatest sports cards and memorabilia store bar none.  They have the famous "wall of cards", which features about 8 feet high and 50 feet long worth of sports cards singles.  If you want a specific card, odds are they have it here (except for the 1977 Topps Mick Kelleher for some odd reason).
They have singles, sets, oddballs and shortprints.  They also have photos and other cool stuff.  They even occasionally have ex-pro athletes in for signings.
Such was the case a couple years ago, when Rich Nye was there to sign for fans.  Nye pitched for the Chicago Cubs in the late 1960's and for St. Louis and Montreal in 1970.  He became a veterinarian and still has a practice in the suburbs.
Oh, okay.  I guess I cannot finish this post without writing something nice about Scott.  He's a funny guy and a good friend, but mainly he runs the best darn sports collectibles store period!
Frank Caputo, Rich Nye and Scott Beatty in Niles, IL-Mid 2010.

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