Tuesday, April 10, 2012

On the Beat with Jacques Baron of Resistance

I first heard about Resistance Pro Wrestling at last year's Wizard World.  Pretty much since then, I have been trying to get an interview with the Baron brothers, co-owners of R Pro.  I finally got that interview last month at Obsession, R Pro's fourth event.
Don't misunderstand me.  I am not in the least bit upset it took that long.  If you attend any of their shows, you will see how busy these men are.  I am just grateful that the interview happened at all.
Seriously, these men and all around them are busy from start to finish on event night.  They are definitely hands on owners.  Last month, Jacques was at the ticket counter before the show.  After the show, both brothers were coordinating interviews and doing other such managerial things.  Despite being a blur of activity, they always have time to greet the fans.
I am so impressed with Resistance Pro Wrestling.  They have great talent on their roster and bring in excellent superstars as added talent.  There are great rivalries already building.  Their matches are full of solid action.  Everyone involved with Resistance gives it their all and really reaches out to make each event special and fun for the fans.
We really appreciate Jacques giving us his time and we encourage everyone to check out Resistance.com and also a live event of R Pro!  You can also get info and updates on the Resistance Facebook page and follow Resistance on twitter.

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