Thursday, April 19, 2012

On the Beat with Cryptosis at C2E2

One of the more interesting guests at C2E2 (Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo).  He is the self-described "center square of pop culture", "the curator of the macabre", "the Billy Mays of horror hosts" and "the voice and face of the entertainment industry".
That is quite a resume, but Cryptosis lives up to that billing.  In the interview below, Cryptosis explains why he is all of the above.  He also talks about his favorite movies, C2E2 and other fun stuff.
As interesting as Cryptosis is, his alter ego Christopher Mihm is even more interesting.  Mihm is a writer, director, producer and actor in films of the "Mihmiverse".  Mihm's films are feature length and are done in the 1950's drive-in style.  Since 2006, Mihm has released one film a year and has racked up a lot of awards and praise along the way.
The interview below gives a glimpse into Cryptosis, but to get a great look at Mihms, you should check out his bio page at  Mihm is an interesting man with a fascinating story and entertaining films.  I have had a blast learning all about him.
After you watch the Cryptosis interview, please be sure to check out and follow Mihm on twitter.  You can also learn more about the films of Christopher Mihm on the Facebook page and their YouTube channel.  Lastly, I cannot forget to send you to the Facebook page for Cryptosis, where you can see this legendary entertainer.

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