Wednesday, April 18, 2012

On the Beat with Daniel Govar at C2E2

In planning to cover the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo (C2E2), I immediately checked the artist alley listing, searching for illustrators with Aquaman on their resume.  The first major artist with an Aquaman connection was Daniel Govar.
Govar has put his talent to use in many ways over the years.  In 2000, Govar (with Russell Wicks) developed an animated series called Eclipse for the Sci-Fi channel.  In 2008, Govar's sci-Fi series Azure landed a contract for him with DC Comics.  He also co-founded, a website dedicated to illustrating the world of The Lord of the Rings.
Govar's resume is quite impressive, but my main interest was his work with Project: Rooftop, a site dedicated to redesigning Superhero costumes.  It is here that Govar's Aquaman connection caught my eye.  Govar entered and won the Aquaman: Sea Change contest to redesign Aquaman's costume.
As my readers know, I am a huge Aquaman fan, specifically old school Aquaman.  You would think that I would be opposed to any costume changes.  Normally, I would be, but Govar's design keeps the old school feel, while having a sleek modern look.
At C2E2, I talked to Govar about the Aquaman illustration and other parts of his career.  The interview below also contains his contest-winning Aquaman illustration.  I was already a fan, but Govar completely floored me after the interview by stating that Aquaman was the most under-appreciated superhero (almost my usual exact words). 
After watching the interview, please be sure to check out to learn more about him and his beautiful illustrations.  You can also get info and updates on Daniel Govar's Facebook page and by following Govar on twitter.

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