Saturday, April 7, 2012

On the Beat with Eric St. Vaughn (Tommy Else)

Tommy Else is one of the most interesting stories coming out of Resistance Pro Wrestling.  Tommy entered the world of Resistance through an open tryout, which he documented on his T3 Universe site.  While he started as Tommy, he has emerged as Eric St. Vaughn, part of Team Darcy and a rising star.
We have followed Tommy's progress from his audition (and we will continue to follow him as his career develops).  Tommy fits in perfectly at Resistance.  He is talented, energetic and fan-friendly.  He is the kind of entertainer/athlete who draws in the audience. 
We caught up with Eric after Obsession, R Pro's last show and talked about his start in the business, the T3 Universe and more.  It was great to finally meet Eric.
To learn more about him, check out the Eric St. Vaughn Facebook page and the T3 Universe.  Be sure to also check out, to learn about Eric and the rest of the talented organization.

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