Wednesday, April 25, 2012

On the Beat with Terry Huddleston at C2E2

I have Aquaman to thank for meeting Terry Huddleston (or maybe I have artist Terry Huddleston to thank for me having Aquaman).  Terry is a talented artist who can usually be found at various comic cons at his booth in front of his big wall of superhero heads he has drawn.
I first met Terry at the Motor City Comic Con, when one of his Aquaman pieces caught my attention.  Since then, I have always sought out Terry at various conventions to see what new stuff he is doing.
Terry does fantastic creations of super heroes, but he also does other illustrations, too.  He does beautiful work and is a super nice guy.
At the recent C2E2, as usual, I caught up with Terry and learned of a few new projects.  Terry remained tight-lipped about the specifics though, even when I pleaded for a scoop.
Fortunately, we won't have to wait too long to see Terry's current project.  He did reveal we should see something later this year.
After you watch the video, check out Terry Huddleston's art page or his Facebook page.

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