Thursday, April 26, 2012

On the Beat with Unshaven Comics at C2E2

Matt Wright, Marc Alan Fishman and Kyle Gnepper are the unshaven creative force behind Unshaven Comics.  As a comic book fan and a usually unshaven one at that, this seemed like a natural fit for me.  More seriously, Unshaven Comics is a comics studio run by three lifelong friends based out of south suburban Chicago.
They do podcasts on their website, along with producing some fantastic comic books.    Their latest one includes Samurai astronauts, a kung fu monkey and demon dinosaurs from outer space.  With characters like that, it has to be good and it is!
We caught up with the unshaven trio at C2E2 and got a glimpse at their latest comic book.  After watching the interview, please check out and the Unshaven Comics Facebook page to learn all about the unshaven ones and their creative products.

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