Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Cruising in the Ectomobile

The Motor City Comic Con is less than two weeks away and I can't wait.  The tickets are bought.  The rooms are reserved. We are all set to go.
Unfortunately, we will not be driving in anything as cool as the Ectomobile.  Everyone remembers the Ectomobile from Ghostbusters.  It was actually a 1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteor that was once used as an ambulance.
Also known as the Ecto 1, the car needed a lot of repairs, in addition to specially added features required for the movie.  For instance it needed a device to carry the proton packs.  It also needed the addition of the very familiar Ghostbusters logo.
The Ectomobile was on display at the 2011 MCCC.  Unfortunately, it was roped off and you could not sit in it, even for a price.  You know it is special when they do not even let you near it to make extra bucks.
Still, it was cool seeing it up close.  This is just one of the extra exhibits that make the Motor City Comic Con one of my favorites of the year.
I still think it would be cool to drive this bad boy up to Novi, but I will have to settle for my usual wheels.
The Ectomobile in Novi, MI-May 2011.

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