Thursday, May 10, 2012

RAK and His Superfreeks

I have met Robert A. Kraus many times and have always walked away with some of his creations.  Kraus, aka RAK, is the creative force behind Superfreeks among other artistic productions.
Superfreeks is a line of caricatures of everything from Superheros to athletes to musicians and beyond.  Below, he is holding Superfreek cards of Roddy Piper and Ric Flair.  I now own those cards.  I only wish he did a wrestling version of Piper, but don't get me started, because I also wish he did Billy Joel and Andrea Evans and Tammy Sytch and Patrick Warburton and me (just to name a few). 
I write that statement as a compliment, not a complaint.  My point is, just as I bought several of his cards, my mind starts racing to more people I'd like to see him immortalize on a Superfreek card (like Gregg Hurwitz, Patricia Kara, Ben Bailey and Fran Gallagher).  These cards are addictive.
RAK appears at a lot of conventions and has a lot of his cards on display.  I usually stop and look and then find myself in a Superfreek trance.  Finally I pick a handful and ask him about others I don't see but would want (like Leah Remini, Christy Hemme, MythBusters, Don Knotts and on and on and on).  Did I mention I love these cards?
RAK and me in Rosemont, IL-August 2011.

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