Thursday, May 3, 2012

Free Comic Book Day

Saturday May 5 is Free Comic Book Day.  Celebrated on the first Saturday of May, Free Comic Book Day is one day every year when participating comic book stores across the world give away comics to visitors of their stores.
To learn a bit more about this day and comics in general, I went to the best source of info, the man behind Dark Tower Comics, which was voted Chicago's #1 comic book store by Chicago magazine.
Mark Beatty owns and operates this full service comic book store on the north side of Chicago.  They have a huge selection of comics, plus a unique pull service, where each month they will pull your specifically requested comics and have them waiting for you.  Now that is awesome service.
They also have a lot of in-store autograph signings.  Actually, Dark Tower Comics will have a guest signing on Free Comic Book Day.  Robert Rodi, creator of several comic-book series, including Codename: Knockout and The Crossovers, will be in store signing on May 5 from noon until 2 p.m.  Rodi also has written a number of series for Marvel.
Mark and Dark Tower Comics are a fixture at local comic cons like C2E2, which is where we caught up with this mad genius.  Mark gave us his thoughts on comic cons, Free Comic Book Day and more.  After you watch the interview, check out and the Dark Tower Comics Facebook page to learn more about this comics super-store.

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