Friday, May 4, 2012

On the Beat with Sara Richard at C2E2

Sara Richard's booth is a regular stop of ours at conventions.  Sara is an illustrator, sculptor and author.  In fact, her book, Kitty & Dino, just came out.
At the recent C2E2, we caught up with Sara and got our first look at Kitty & Dino, a wonderful children's book about a friendship that forms between a cat and a dinosaur.  It is beautifully illustrated by Sara and it is sure to be a hit with kids (and maybe some adults, too).  As we learned from our previous interviews with Sara, she is a big fan of dinosaurs and her passion for them, coupled with her illustrating talent, make this an adorable book.
Sara talks about and shows her book in the interview below.  After you watch the interview, be sure to check out and the Sara Richard Art page on Facebook to learn more about this talented young artist and to get updates on her latest projects.
I hope Sara produces more books, because (as you can tell) I think Kitty & Dino is pretty cool.  I just hope somewhere down the line, she puts in a cameo appearance by an emu named Johngy.

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