Monday, May 28, 2012

Friendly Encounters:Scott Beatty Meets Ruff Crossing

This is a weekly series featuring my friends who have met celebrities.

Today, I am presenting Scott Beatty.  I have previously featured Scott, but mostly in connection to AU Sports, the sports memorabilia store he operates.  Over the last few months, Scott has joined Johngy's Beat to cover some great wrestling action in the Chicago area.
Our most recent adventure took us to Pro Wrestling Blitz in Joliet (IL).  It was our first time there and we were very impressed.  I will be presenting more coverage of that over the next few days, but today, I am giving the floor to Scott, who will give his recap of the night and meeting one of the wrestlers.

Since joining forces with John for...plug now, Johngy?), we have met and interviewed dozens of wrestlers.  I have been a wrestling fan since I was six or seven years old and saw Dick "The Bruiser" and Superstar Billy Graham.
This past Saturday, we visited Pro Wrestling Blitz and hooked up with one of their top draws after the show.  He goes by Ruff Crossing, but he is a cowboy of the white hat variety and the crowd popped huge for him.  He was excited to meet us and be introduced to the Johngy's Beat universe.  He was engaging and couldn't have been more pleasant.  (If he turns heel, I will edit this.)  No bull, he is an excellent in-ring performer and I hope we see a lot more of him.  Be sure to check out our interview with Ruff Crossing running here on Wednesday.

Scott's Wrestler Rating:Eight Thumbs Up

You'll be hearing more from Scott in the future as the Johngy's Beat team continues to expand.  In the meantime, please check out and the Pro Wrestling Blitz Facebook page for more info on this wrestling organization.  Also, you can learn more about and get updates on Ruff Crossing on his Facebook page.
Scott Beatty and Ruff Crossing in Joliet, IL-May 2012.

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