Tuesday, May 29, 2012

On the Beat with Tony Scarpone of Pro Wrestling Blitz

We met Tony Scarpone at a wrestling show and he invited us to attend a Pro Wrestling Blitz event.  As I have written over the last couple days, we attended our first show there last Saturday...and we walked away very impressed.
I will be honest and say I didn't know much about Scarpone or Pro Wrestling Blitz, but I was eager to learn more and experience it all in person.  Scarpone and the entire Pro Wrestling Blitz organization treated us well.  Despite running the show and being involved in two matches, Scarpone still found time to talk to Johngy's Beat to get this relationship started.  Scarpone talked to Scott Beatty (the Bobby Heenan of Johngy's Beat) about owning and running Blitz and what Blitz has to offer fans.  Lastly, Scarpone mentioned that Pro Wrestling Blitz will be at Throttle Fest, the midwest's largest 3 day bike rally, on June 1-3.
We look forward to learning more about Pro Wrestling Blitz as we attend more events in the future.  As we learn, we will present it here and you will learn with us and enjoy the personalities of Pro Wrestling Blitz.
After you watch the video below, you can check out the Tony Scarpone Facebook page to learn more about him and see updates.  Finally, be sure to check out PWBlitz.com and the Pro Wrestling Blitz Facebook page to get all of the info on this wrestling organization.

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