Tuesday, May 22, 2012

On the Beat with Mike Bucci and Shelly Martinez of Resistance Pro Wrestling

At Resistance Pro Wrestling's "A Small Deadly Space", we had a chance to catch up a bit with old friend Mike Bucci.  You can read all about how we first met Bucci by clicking here.  Bucci gave us his time and some real insight during that first interview.  He also provided a lot of laughs.
Bucci represents all that is good with wrestling.  He is just a great guy who treats everyone with respect.
I was surprised to see him at the January R Pro event, when he was announced as the voice of R Pro.  What a great choice.  Bucci has a great mind for wrestling which will certainly come across during his commentary, but just his presence and leadership in R Pro is a huge addition.
At every show, I see him advising so many of the wrestlers.  He is straightforward and honest, without being a jerk.  I have a lot of respect for Bucci and I am proud to call him a friend.  (I am just not sure about his love of the Dallas Cowboys though).
We started talking to Bucci about R Pro and he was giving us his usual insight, when Shelly Martinez came onto the scene.  It became similar to a backstage skit...well, maybe because it was backstage and it was a lot of fun.
Martinez is one of the talented wrestlers brought in to add something to the R Pro roster.  Martinez worked for ECW, WWE, TNA and other smaller organizations.  She has acted, been in music videos, modeled and much more.  She is one busy lady.
Earlier in the night, Martinez was part of a 6 person women's match.  She was on her game, too, wrestling a very solid match.  Plus, she is as cute as ever.
The interaction between Bucci and Martinez is classic and I am right in the middle of it (like Gene Okerlund),  You have to watch the video until the end.
After you watch the interview, you can get updates and learn more about Mike Bucci on his Facebook Page.  Also, go to ShellyMartinez.org and the Shelly Martinez Funpage on Facebook and follow Martinez on twitter to learn more about Martinez and to get updates.  Finaly, check out www.ResistancePro.com to get all the info on R Pro!

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