Monday, May 21, 2012

Friendly Encounters:Jack Odanovich Meets Chanel Ryan

This is a weekly series about fiends who have met celebs.

As I return from the Motor City Comic Con, there is nobody better to have on Friendly Encounters than Jack Odanovich.  I originally met Jack several years ago while researching MCCC for Global Traveler.  Jack has been very helpful in sharing pictures and stories about the MCCC and a couple other conventions.  I appreciate his help.
Jack is a great guy and a wonderful photographer, as proven by the many beautiful pictures on the Jack Odanovich Photography Facebook page.I enjoy looking at the awesome images and the fun times he captures.
Of course, I can't mention Jack, without mentioning his father, Craig, who is a relatively new, but rising author.  I have read and honestly greatly enjoyed all of Craig's books.  Friend or not, Craig's The Black Widow Trainer series is fresh, fun and intriguing!
Once again, Jack shared one of his pictures from a previous MCCC.  Donned in his usual Star Wars gear, Jack gets a lot of good attention.  Even the celebs like his attire.
Jack Odanovich and Chanel Ryan in Novi, MI-May 2009.

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