Thursday, May 17, 2012

On the Beat with Robert Anthony of Resistance Pro Wrestling

A couple days ago, when we featured Sassy Stephie, we mentioned a cameo appearance by Robert Anthony.  This was Anthony's second pop-in during one of our interviews.  We have no problem with that spontaniety, but we just wanted to get him in his own interview.  After all of the matches at "A Small Deadly Space", we finally got "The Ego" one-on-one.
A veteran of 11 years, Anthony was ranked #317 on PWI's Top 500 singles wrestlers in 2011.  He has won several titles in various organizations over the years and he seems primed for a shot at the Resistance Pro title in the near future.
Anthony talks about how he got the name "Mr. Ego", wrestling for R Pro and who he would like to wrestle.  He also talks about meeting the Ultimate Warrior, one of his childhood favorites.
Anthony has the charisma, the ability and the drive to become a star in wrestling.  Despite the Ego moniker, he also has a deep respect for the sport.  Anthony is quickly developing a big and strong fan following at R Pro and you can count the staff of Johngy's Beat among his Egomaniacs!
After you watch the interview below, make sure to follow Robert Anthony on twitter.  Also go to to learn more about Anthony and the rest of the talent at R Pro.

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