Friday, May 18, 2012

On the Beat with Thunderkitty of Resistance Pro Wrestling

When I saw Thunderkitty's photo on an ad for Resistance Pro Wrestling's "A Small Deadly Space", I knew we needed to have her on Johngy's Beat.  Her old school look drew my interest.  The more I learned about her, the more I liked.
On her twitter account, she describes herself as "wrestler, nerd, public transportation warrior and occasional voice of reason".  She says she enjoys beer, rock and roll and ridiculousness, but not necessarily in that order.
Okay, I am hooked.  Interesting (unique) gimmick.  Funny write up.  Seems to have a good attitude.  Johngy's Beat needed to get a word from this newcomer to R Pro.
Fortunately, Thunderkitty was very obliging.  After winning her match via the sleeper hold (how's that for old school?), Thunderkitty gave us a few minutes of her time.
Her old school gimmick seems more of a persona.  The best wrestling gimmicks usually are. The fans of R Pro certainly seemed to get into her gimmick.
Thunderkitty discusses her character, how she got started in wrestling, her future goals, comics and much more.  Her influences include some of the legendary women wrestlers (all of whom are long retired).  She is a throwback indeed.
After you watch the interview, please go to Thunderkitty's Facebook page and follow Thunderkitty on twitter to learn all about her and to get all the latest news.  Also, check out to learn more about Thunderkitty and the rest of the talent at this exciting new wrestling company!

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