Friday, June 22, 2012

Autograph Tales:Tom Niedenfuer

I was a fan of Tom Niedenfuer from his rookie season with the Los Angeles Dodgers.  Niedenfuer had a ten year career with four teams, compiling a record of 36-46 with 97 saves.  As an added note, he tied for 1st in fielding percentage for a pitcher (he was perfect).
Several years ago, I sent him a couple cards, asking him to sign on, letting him keep the other and offering to get more for him.  He signed the card and asked if I would send others, which I did.  A few weeks later, I was surprised to have another envelope from Niedenfuer in my mailbox.  He had signed about 12 cards for me.  I think he signed one card from every type where there were multiples.
Aside from my much publicized Mike Squires autograph card collection (one of every one he ever had), I think I now have more Niedenfuer than anyone else.  They do look nice consuming the whole album page!
As a footnote, Niedenfuer has been married since 1987 to Judy Landers, one of my childhood crushes.

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night owl said...

Niedenfuer was a Mariner?????

Love the '84 auto.