Saturday, June 23, 2012

On the Beat with Mr. Ricolo of POWW

A good ring announcer can have a big impact on the mood of the crowd at a wrestling event.  You need the right amount of energy, flair and enthusiasm.  Some of the better ones over the years include Howard Finkel, Lillian Garcia and Michael Buffer.  POWW Entertainment's Mr. Ricolo ranks right up there with those.
Ricolo is the voice of POWW and "the Hair Extraordinaire".  He also has a world-class mustache to go with that extraordinary hair.  Mr. Ricolo is much more than just a great head of hair though.
As the night begins, Ricolo circles the ring, engaging fans with banter and high-five's.  Then it is showtime, as he climbs into the ring and starts the introduction of the first wrestlers.  Like the other great announcers, Ricolo is entertaining without stealing the show.  Even his sponsorship mentions or his general announcements are entertaining.  (Extra props to Ricolo for introducing Johngys Beat staffers Scott Beatty and me to the crowd).
Beatty (whose hair is only ordinary, but his style is to be admired) conducted an interview with Ricolo prior to the recent POWW show.  Ricolo talked about becoming an announcer, favorite wrestlers from his youth and more.
Your next chance to meet Ricolo and experience a night of POWW Entertainment is tonight in Elk Grove.  The featured match is Ruff Crossing defending his POWW title against the recently-returned Eric Freedom.
After you watch the interview, head over to Mr. Ricolo's Facebook page to learn more about Ricolo  and to get updates.  Also, as always, head over to and the POWW Facebook page to learn all about this exciting wrestling company.

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