Sunday, June 17, 2012

Old Times at Lerner Newspapers

Lerner Newspapers (now defunct) has forever scarred me on anything having to do with fests.  At various times during my tenure at Lerner, I was in charge of our fest operation.  At various times I was replaced by the latest, newest marketing wizard who basically screwed things up until I took over again.
Don't get me wrong.  I didn't work miracles with fests.  In fact, fests were the mission impossible at Lerner.  We had very little to give away (sometimes nothing) other than our newspapers.  Nothing says summertime fun quite like carrying around a three day old paper on a hot, sticky day.
At least I knew our limitations.  I made the best of what we had and accepted it as such.
The others in charge could not do the same.  I endured such insanity as "the wheel of prizes", on which the top prize was a cheap pen.  Did I mention the GM who wanted to include a "nothing" slot on that wheel.  Try telling an 8 year old that he has won nothing, not even the penny candy his siblings won.  Oh that went over big.
I could go on and on.  I could (and should) write a book about the fests and other such absurdities at Lerner.  The problem really would be that nobody would believe most of it.  I lived through it and I question some of it.
The other sad part is that these clowns have all scattered and are now doing their damage for many other companies.  Then again, maybe diluting them is the answer!
Jason Farber, Cindy Dzien and me in Chicago, IL-Late 1990's.


Hackenbush said...

Ah, brings back memories of the Nortown News. BTW I like the little head peaking in from the right hand side of the photo. What beach?

Jean Parker said...

Sometimes it is hard to believe the stuff we had to do to make a living ... but a great picture of you all!

Johngy said...

Hackenbush, I never noticed the little head. Nice catch. I believe North Street Beach. We were sponsoring a beach volleyball tourney.
Jean, You heard all of my horror stories already!

Jason Fleigel said...

Sadly, I have to believe you when you tell these story. I too lived them. Oy!