Tuesday, June 19, 2012

On the Beat Matt Busch at the 2012 MCCC

Matt Busch was named "the rock star of illustration" by Detroit Weekly.  At the 2012 Motor City Comic Con, Johngy's Beat contributor and American Legend JayHawk Evans talked to Busch about his work.  I will turn it over to JayHawk for his insight.

At this year's Motor City Comic-Con, we met with comic artist extraordinaire Matt Busch. Matt's exceptional skills have landed him jobs working on conceptual art and graphic novels for some of Hollywood's biggest franchises, most notably George Lucas' sci-fi epic Star Wars. During our interview Matt discussed how he got into the business and involved with the Star Wars universe, what his favorite things to draw are and told us about his book "You Can Draw Star Wars".  From Han Solo to Bruce Lee and from his own imagination, Matt's work has been the awe of so many fans and our conversation with this witty artist shows why.  Have a look at our one on one chat and then head on over to Matt's site to get a glimpse at his work.

After you watch the interview below, head over to MattBusch.com and the Matt Busch Facebook page to learn more about Matt and to get updates on all of his projects.  Also, check out his book You Can Draw Star Wars here.

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