Friday, June 8, 2012

On the Beat with Cindy Margolis at the 2012 MCCC

A few hundred people check out Johngy's Beat every day.  At the 2012 Motor City Comic Con, we met and interviewed Cindy Margolis, who at one point had her picture downloaded 70,000 times in a day.  I guess Johngy's Beat has a long way to go.  Fortunately, that did not stop Cindy from talking to us.  Actually, Cindy (and her staff) could not have been any nicer, from the very first email about the interview until the actual interview.
Cindy has had a remarkable career and she has an exciting new venture called the Social Entertainment Employment Network (SEEN).  This is a website which provides a free platform and the tools for talent to display themselves for anyone to see.  Margolis talks about it in the interview below.
In addition to,  Margolis talks about how she got started, being in the record books and her son's history book and more.  Margolis is stunning and she is as engaging as she is beautiful.  It was one of the easiest interviews ever, as she gave us great answers, humor and extra info.  I really enjoyed talking to her.
After watching the interview below, be sure to check out and Cindy's Facebook page and follow Cindy on twitter to learn all about her and to get updates.  Also, check out, Cindy's latest project.

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