Thursday, June 7, 2012

Psychotic Jimmy Blaze and Melancholic Johngy

About a month ago, Scott Beatty and I attended our first POWW (Purely Obsessed Wrestling World) show in Arlington Heights (IL).  I have to say I walked away much more impressed than I expected.
We had ringside seats, which in the small hall, meant we could almost touch the ring.  While these are great seats, sometimes being too close is not good, if the wrestling is a bit loose.  I don't want to see badly missed moves up close.
Fortunately, the wrestlers for POWW were very solid in the ring.  There weren't any badly missed spots, nor other things I wasn't supposed to see.  I was very happy with all of the action, top to bottom on the card.
My favorite match of the night though, had to be Melanie Cruise fighting Nikki St. John.  I had previously seen both ladies wrestle elsewhere, but never wrestle each other anywhere.  They worked very well together and really stole the show.
After the show, we met with Psychotic jimmy Blaze and discussed covering POWW in the future.  Well, the future is now and Johngy's Beat will be at the next POWW event this Saturday, June 9 in Arlington Heights (IL).  This promises to be an even better show.  Check back here for future coverage of POWW, including recaps, stories, pictures and interviews.
Jimmy Blaze and me in Arlington Heights, IL-May 2012.

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