Friday, June 15, 2012

On the Beat with Electric Eric Freedom of POWW

Last Friday, attended the POWW event in Arlington Heights (IL).  We are very happy too have started building a relationship with this exciting wrestling organization.  We are very proud that Mr. Ricolo (the voice of POWW and the Hair Extraordinaire) announced our presence between matches (more on that in a future post).
Our first interview was a special one, because it reunited two old pals, POWW's Electric Eric Freedom and's Apoplectic Scott Beatty.  Scott will give a brief history of their connection, but first let me introduce Eric to all.
Eric has had a lengthy wrestling career, capturing many titles in various organizations.  He has even wrestled Jake Roberts in the (then) WWF.  His finishing move is the Hippi-Hippi Shake Swinging Neck Breaker.  His favorite foods are magic brownies and Froot Loops.
Now I shall give the floor to Scott for his unique perspective.

I met Eric Freedom probably seventeen years ago, when I was using my golden dulcimer vocal chords to make a living and he and his tag team partner, Chad Love, would come in to this shack bar in Carpentersville (IL) and sing along with me. Being a wrestling fan, it wasn't long before we all had our common ground to bond with....well, that and BEER....but continuing on, here we are, a decade and a half later, and I'm onto my second career and Eric......well, Eric is still doing what he loves and I couldn't be happier to have reconnected with him and get to watch him all over again. He is truly one of the great icons of indy wrestling and if you haven't gone to check him out, you damn well should. The Hardcore Hippies lives on!

Scott's Wrestler Rating: Eight Thumbs Up

POWW's next big night of wrestling entertainment is Saturday June 23 with a bell time of 7 p.m. at the VFW Hall in Elk Grove (IL).  Eric takes on Ruff Crossing for the POWW title.  This is a tough one for  We are devout "Ruffians", but there is history between Scott and Eric.
After you watch the video, head over to Eric Freedom's Facebook page to learn more about him and to get his updates.  You can check out his videos on the Indy icon Eric Freedom YouTube page.  Finally, look to for news, info and schedules for this great wrestling organization.

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