Thursday, June 14, 2012

On the Beat Rachael Adams at the 2012 MCCC

At the Motor City Comic Con in previous years, we interviewed local legends The Ghoul and Wolfman Mac.  This year, we spoke to another Detroit legend, Rachael Adams (often billed as Rachael Adams of Detroit) .
Dubbed "the face of Detroit" and listed on Maxim's list of hometown hotties for Michigan, Rachael is much more than just a pretty face.  She is a fitness and figure competitor, a model, a spokesperson, an actress and more.  For Rachael, "more" has always been the key.  As you will hear in the interview below, she is always looking to do more.
One thing she will be doing is acting in Bruin Lake, which will be filmed in Michigan later this year.  Another project is The Big Play, a hockey movie filming in Detroit later this year.  Listen carefully in the interview for a secret scoop.  She is also excited about Mimesis, a horror movie in which she played two roles, which should be released later this year or early 2012.
In her quest to be the ultimate pin up girl, she is a firm believer in charity, doing at least one charity event monthly.  She is the official ambassador for the Ride For Autism.
Did I mention she played basketball in high school (and you'll never guess why, but you will find out in the interview)?  Did I mention she graduated from Michigan (Go Blue)?  Did I mention she placed first in a Michigan Powerlifting Competition?  Yes, she did all that and more.
We talked about all of the above and a lot more in this fun interview.  Actually, looking back, I can't believe how much we covered, but why would I be surprised.  As I wrote earlier, Rachael is all about "more".
Meeting Rachael was a blast.  I am quite sure we will be seeing a lot more of Rachael in the future.  I just hope Johngy's Beat gets to talk to her again.  I am sure she will have a lot more updates by then.
After you watch the interview below, check out and the Rachael Adams Facebook page to learn more about this multi-talented lady.  Also, to get updates on her movie projects, you  can go to the Mimesis Facebook page, the Bruin Lake Facebook page and The Big Play Facebook page.  Finally, let's all follow Rachael's example and go to

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