Tuesday, June 26, 2012

On the Beat with Handsome Vinny Scarboni at the 2012 MCCC

The second wrestler we met at the 2012 Motor City Comic Con was Handsome Vinnie Scarboni of XICW (Xtreme Intense Championship Wrestling).  We had to fight our way through a crowd of women to get to the Handsome One, but we wanted an interview and we got one.
Scarboni talked to us about the MCCC, his pursuit of titles and Traci Lords' pursuit of him!  Throngs of adoring women fans and Traci Lords?  It has to be good to be Handsome Vinnie Scarboni.
After you watch the video below, check out Vinnie's Facebook page.  Also, head over to XICW's Facebook page to learn all about Xtreme Intense Championship Wrestling of Detroit.

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