Thursday, June 28, 2012

Resistance Pro + Chet Coppock = Gold

Chet Coppock is one of the most famous Chicago broadcasters.  He is often imitated and never quite duplicated.  Some people love him, while others aren't too fond of him.  Nobody can deny his success, longevity or influence.
I have met Coppock a couple times and he has been very nice each time.  The first time, he even complimented me on my purple Chuck Taylors.  The guy does have an eye for fashion!
I met Coppock again at the January event for Resistance Pro Wrestling.  He has done the ring announcing work for R Pro.
I think this is an awesome match.  Once again R Pro does things right.  Bringing in Coppock for these duties recalls the old school days of wrestling.  Coppock is a bridge from the classic to today and R Pro is smart to utilize him.
For his part, Coppock did a great job.  He sold the wrestlers.  He announced with excitement and proper respect.
After the event, Coppock was right in the mix, hanging with the fans.  I saw him take about 100 pictures and I was one of them.  He didn't turn away anyone and was one of the most popular attractions.
I applaud Coppock for a job well done.  I applaud Resistance Pro for orchestrating this!  I keep saying that R Pro is the best thing going!
Chet Coppock and me in Chicago, IL-January 2012.


Hackenbush said...

Chet's the man! Of course, he's no Paula Feris but what man is?

Johngy said...

Well stated!