Friday, June 29, 2012

This One is for Terry Boers

Terry Boers is the afternoon cohost (with Dan Bernstein) on the Score, a sports radio station in Chicago.  Terry is a Score original.
Among Terry's many contributions to the show is a certain response he gives to any mention of follicles of any kind.  Terry will immediately follow such words with "by crackie".  What does it mean and why does he do it?  That is a long story, which long-time Score listeners probably know already.  If you don't know, I suggest you call the show (especially during the "Ask us anything" segment which they run on some editions of "Friday Fung".
If you aren't confused by now, congratulations.
When I was in San Francisco last summer, we went to a Giants game.  Brian Wilson is their main closer and he is known for having a large beard (by crackie).  When I saw the promotion flash on the big scoreboard, I immediately thought of Terry.
So, for the many hours of listening pleasure and for all you have done for Chicago sports fans, Terry...this one's for you!

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White Sox Cards said...

Thanks now I can't get the "Fung is winning and winning is fung" soundbite out of my head. LOL