Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Briscoe Brothers

I was a bit too young to have watched the Brisco brothers wrestle.  Gerald and Jack were pretty much retired by the time I started watching wrestling.
On the other end of the spectrum are the Briscoe brothers.  Mark and Jay are in the early stage of their careers.
The Briscoe's are not related to the Brisco's however.  I have to admit, I originally thought they were.
In fact, the Briscoe brothers are Jay and Mark Pugh.  They adopted the name "Briscoe" when they entered the world of pro wrestling.
The brothers have made a name for themselves on the independent scene, most notably for the Ring of Honor.  In January, they appeared for Resistance Pro Wrestling.
Bringing in talent like the Briscoe brothers is part of what makes R Pro so successful.  The Briscoe brothers were part of a tag team tournament and may appear again in the future.  You never know with R Pro.
After the event, Jay and Mark were very cool.  They hung out with everyone, talking and posing in pictures for hours.
Jay Briscoe, me and Mark Briscoe in Chicago, IL-Jnuary 2012.

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