Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Rick Monday's Greatest Play

Johngy's Beat officially started in September of 2008.  I have always liked writing.  Many people pushed me to write and/or to put up a blog, but a complete stranger (a celebrity of course) really pushed me over the edge.
I have previously written about my encounter with Rick Monday and the aftermath which saw my Global Traveler blog being read on Sporting News Radio by David Stein, thus helping me win the much-coveted Globility award from Global Traveler.  I won't repeat the story (for which you are probably grateful), but I will mention the event which started the whole chain reaction of events.
On April 25, 1976, Cubs outfielder Rick Monday saved the United States flag from being burned by protestors on the field in Los Angeles.  This act launched Monday into the team picture of patriots.  As a kid, I was watching that game.  I didn't totally understand the significance, nor did I have any idea that it would come into play in my life some 42 years later.
Monday is humble, but honest about his actions and his love the this country.  This is a great story on every level from every angle.  On this celebratory day in this country, let's take a moment to remember the great people who helped make this country free.  Thanks to all of them, but especially from me, thanks to Rick Monday!
Me and Rick Monday in Los Angeles, CA-June 2008.

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