Friday, October 19, 2012

Mickie James Shot a Raspberry My Way

I have been a big fan of Mickie James since her debut in wrestling.  Mickie is the perfect woman wrestler.  She is attractive (but not in a Barbie doll way), she can cut a great promo and she is a fantastic wrestler.  How about that...a cute woman who can actually wrestle?!
I was really excited about meeting Mickie at last year's MCCC.  Mickie did not disappoint.  She was very nice when we first met her.  We talked about her career and her new music venture.  I really like her cd Strangers and Angels.
After meeting her, we walked away figuring that was the end of our Mickie experience.  We were wrong.
Later in the day, we reconvened near her booth to plan the rest of the day.  When we looked over, we saw Mickie sticking out her tongue at us.
This was a first for me.  A celeb sticking her tongue out!
Fortunately, I recovered from my surprise quick enough to snap the photo to capture this moment.  Mickie then laughed and went back to her business at her booth.
Okay, this wasn't a huge moment in time, but it was just a small example of the extra fun that can be had at the Motor City Comic Con.  Everyone at the MCCC, from the fans to the celebs to the MCCC staff helps create such a great atmosphere.
If you don't believe me, then I say you should look to the picture below for my proof!
Mickie James in Novi, MI-May 2011.


Fuji said...

She's easy on the eyes... off to COMC to see if I can find an affordable autograph.

Johngy said...

If you meet her and get a pic with her, I'd love to run it on this site, if you are willing to share it.